Welcoming Bobby McAlpine

An evolving vision and a sneak peak at Bobby McAlpine’s new collection for Lee Industries.

In May, author, designer, architect and long-time friend, Bobby McAlpine made stops at both the Birmingham and Charlotte shops for a special viewing of the new McAlpine Home collection for Lee Industries and to sign copies of his newest book, Poetry of Place.

The Alabama-born tastemaker shared insights on his current style muse—romantic modernism— and delighted guests by expanding on his design evolution and the emphasis on soulful, edited retreats. “This is an approach that we have long embraced, bringing interestin things to a simple environment,” says Cindy. “At home we want things that have been cherished and loved and touched, things with a beautiful patina and story to give the space a bit of character but we also value a peaceful, quiet place to come home to. Achieving both through design is what we strive for and is the result of our best work.”

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