2021: Our container from France

2021: Our container from France

On 10/11 the Circa team unloaded a container full of European accessories and antiques. In anticipation of the grand reveal we did a Q&A with the Smith women who shared their favorite pieces, why this one is so special and where the best of the best came from.

Why is this container so special?

Cindy: “This year, I got to share my love of antiquing with my granddaughter, Wansley. Having three generations of Smith women walking the markets all over France & Italy was truly a memorable experience for me. I never dreamed when I made my first trip to the fairs back in 40 years ago that I’d still be at it this many years later and teaching my granddaughter how to pick, negotiate and appreciate the whole experience!”

Heather: “Not only are these finds some of the best we have seen in quite some time but having Wansley there was really a treat. It brought it full circle and I loved watching her enjoy the thrill of the hunt just as much as Cindy and I.”


What items were you most excited to receive?

Cindy: “The Italian decorative consoles and mirrors are some of the most romantic pieces I have come across in a long while. I was very excited to get those unloaded and onto the floor”

Heather: “On our first day we bought a collection of ceramic dog busts, one of them wearing a hat with candles around the brim just like Vincent Van Gogh. We had just been to see his museum in Arles, and the hospital where he stayed in Remy. Truly a one of a kind piece.”


How do you decide what to buy once you’re at the fairs?

Cindy: “Going into this process thinking that you are going to make money would be a huge mistake. It is an experience based off of passion, thrill, and hard work. It is not for the weak at heart and there is absolutely nothing fluffy about it.

How have these fairs and markets changed since you first starting going over 40 years ago?

Cindy:  “One factor that plays into buying is the ever-evolving styles and making sure that you adapt to what is “in” right now. Forty years ago, people could not get enough of the English, plain wood antiques, and now, people cannot get enough of the decorative, Italian. Keeping up with the times is a major key in this operation. “



With that, this has possibly been the best (largest) TREASURE-FILLED container yet! Our hand selected antiques and objects from all over Europe are the soul of our business and we are so excited to have them in store after too long of a wait! Whether you’re an old time fan of Circa or new to our shop you will not be disappointed- come and see for yourself!

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