Antique shipment arrival!

Antique shipment arrival!

When you walk into Circa (and soon you'll be setting foot into our new SouthPark home in Charlotte!) carefully curated vignettes of furniture and  accessories mingle effortlessly with European antiques. This is the essence of Circa, a passion and point of view realized in a retail experience. But exactly how do these unusual and often fragile and unwieldy antiques get to the floor?

For almost 40 years Cindy Smith has been shopping for antiques in France and also deepening relationships in England, Begium and Italy. Those who have traveled with her on these buying trips report that good health and a comfortable pair of shoes is necessary to keep up when on the hunt for treasures. Her devotion and determination to bringing these soulful pieces to her clients has not waned.

By freight ship the arrive on container to the United States, but that's just the beginning of the process of uncrating the pieces, breaking down the packaging for recycling, photographing and tagging them, all in one day! This, before the real magic of orchestrating where they belong on the floor with the other new pieces that have simultaneously arrived. 

It's all hands on deck for the Circa Charlotte team, an event that takes brains, brawn and a can-do attitude, all necessary in quickly moving the antiques from the container into the shop. Because once clients and customers are tipped off on the arrivals, it's a race to tag them with another sticker: SOLD!




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