London Calling!

London Calling!

Postcards and Perspectives from Heather’s UK sabbatical

Earlier this year, Circa’s Heather Smith had the chance to live like a local in London for a quarter with her husband their three children. “He had a consulting position open up and we took advantage of the opportunity to go with him and to explore this amazing city!”

Once the kids were settled into their schools abroad, Heather spent her days wandering the city, visiting museums, theatres, gardens and researching new products for Circa. She also visited the design research center and showroom of Tom Dixon, whose extraordinary objects are sold at Circa as well as the boutique of the oldest candle maker in the world, Cire Trudon (also a Charlotte exclusive).

Of her time through the eyes of a designer, Heather’s search for beauty took her to both the popular sites like the Royal Albert Hall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hyde Park, Warwick and Dover Castle but also to less traveled alleyways that spilled into surprises like the Leighton House Museum, home to a Victorian artist whose private palace of art was a work of 30 years of work with no surface unembellished.

"London is a city with so much old and new standing side by side; it’s feels like a city built on top of a city and it all just seems to work," says Heather. "There is almost a sense of no rules aesthetically but it creates its own sense of order, its own aesthetic. It just works and that was a huge takeaway!"

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