Small Decorative Salt Cellar

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  • White and clear 
  • Includes Dragonfly decoration
  • Marble appearance 
  • Bowl with matching spoon 
  • 2.36" D
  • Murano glass 

    Circa brings you the Small Decorative Salt Cellar, a luxurious addition to your home decor. This salt cellar features a unique dragonfly decoration and a marble appearance, adding a touch of elegance to your table setting.

    Features and Benefits

    Timeless Design: The white and clear design of the salt cellar is timeless and adds a refined touch to any dining experience.

    Dragonfly Decoration: The included dragonfly decoration adds a warm and engaging element to the salt cellar, making it a unique piece for your home.

    Marble Appearance: The marble appearance of the salt cellar gives it a moody and elegant look, perfect for any sophisticated table setting.

    Matching Spoon: The salt cellar comes with a matching spoon, allowing for easy and tailored seasoning of your dishes.

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions: 2.36" in diameter, the Small Decorative Salt Cellar is compact and practical for everyday use.

    Material: Made from Murano glass, the salt cellar is crafted from high-quality materials for a luxurious experience.