Poppy Party Ashtray

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  • Gold
  • Includes five removable petals to pass out to your friends, and each petal acts as a personal ashtray
  • 5.5ʺW × 5.5ʺD × 1.5ʺH
  • 100% pure brass - will patina over time and with use, this is a desirable effect

Poppy Party Ashtray Overview

The Poppy Party Ashtray from Circa is a luxurious and unique addition to your home decor. Crafted from 100% pure brass, this ashtray features five removable petals that can be used individually as personal ashtrays, making it perfect for entertaining guests.

Features and Benefits

Removable Petals

The five removable petals of the Poppy Party Ashtray can be easily passed out to your friends, allowing each guest to have their own personal ashtray for a sophisticated and elegant smoking experience.

Timeless Design

Crafted from pure brass, this ashtray will patina over time and with use, creating a unique and moody appearance that adds character to any space.

Perfect Dimensions

Measuring 5.5ʺW × 5.5ʺD × 1.5ʺH, the Poppy Party Ashtray is perfectly sized to provide convenience and style for your smoking needs.

Product Specifications


The Poppy Party Ashtray is made from 100% pure brass, ensuring a durable and luxurious smoking accessory.


5.5 inches in width, 5.5 inches in depth, and 1.5 inches in height, making it a compact and elegant addition to your home decor.