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Heather Smith of Charlotte’s own Circa carbonates its stylish and mature pedigree with Modern and Bohemian and Exotic elements and a color casting that’s a lesson in itself. Circa remains my decades long go to for Finds and Inspiration.
Bobby McAlpine
I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Heather Smith of Circa for many years. A family legacy of unmerited client service, exceptional courtesy, community and individual support coupled with a history of great tastemakers in an ever changing world of interior design are the hallmark of Circa. Heather is a constant source of inspiration and unique talent as well as generous in every way. I could not do my job as a stylist and producer if not for such rare and beautiful finds at Circa!
Eleanor Roper
Anytime I’m looking for magic I know to look to Circa. Heather Smith and her team consistently comb the globe and return with only the best loot in tow. So whether I leave Circa with antique furniture, modern art, or home accessories, I know I’ve bought something that will light up a space and the people in it.
Blake Weeks
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