Cire Trudon Diffuser in Josephine

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Shaped out of the same emblematic Trudon-green glass, the 350ml fluted container is adorned with a gold emblem. Handcrafted in the same glass manufacture as the candles, the Diffuser is topped with a 100% recyclable aluminum ring. Through it, you place 8 natural, black rattan sticks.

Cire Trudon Diffuser in Josephine Features and Benefits

  • Capacity 350ml: The 350ml capacity of the Cire Trudon Diffuser allows for long-lasting fragrance diffusion in any room.
  • Head Notes: Blackcurrant Bud, Lemon, Ginger, Clove, Spearmint, Apple create a refreshing and invigorating scent profile.
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine adds a floral and luxurious touch to the overall fragrance experience.
  • Base Notes: Vanilla provides a warm and inviting base note for a comforting ambiance.
  • Long Diffusion: Enjoy 3-4 long diffusion periods, ensuring continuous fragrance in your space.