Box Pleat Silk Pembroke Lamp Shade in Sugar

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<li>Off-white </li>

<li>The distance between pleats is approx. 3 cm but can slightly vary with sizes and styles.</li>

<li>Available in two sizes (based on the bottom dimensions):</li>

<li>10" top x <strong>16" bottom</strong> x 10" slant</li>

<li>11.5" top x <strong>18" bottom</strong> x 11.5" slant</li>



<p><em>Ships within 1-3 business days.&nbsp;</em></p>

<p><strong>Features and Benefits&nbsp;</strong></p>


<li>Timeless Elegance: The Box Pleat Silk Pembroke Lamp Shade in Sugar adds a touch of refined elegance to any room.</li>

<li>Moody and Warm: The off-white color and silk material create a warm and engaging atmosphere.</li>

<li>Tailored Design: The precise 3 cm pleat spacing offers a tailored and unique look.</li>

<li>Versatile Sizes: Available in two sizes to fit various lamp bases, ensuring a perfect fit for your decor.</li>

<li>Premium Material: Made from high-quality silk, this lamp shade is both luxurious and durable.</li>


<p>Circa brings you the Box Pleat Silk Pembroke Lamp Shade in Sugar, a stunning piece designed to elevate your home decor. With its timeless appeal and refined craftsmanship, this lamp shade is the perfect addition to any space.</p>