Crossed Marble Cilinder Lamp

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Introducing the Crossed Marble Cilinder



<li>Dimensions: 38" x 38" x 13.25

<li>Color: White/Cream/Black/Dark Green

<li>Four cylindrical marble pieces are fused together in an intertwined cross pattern


Crossed Marble Cilinder Features and Benefits

Timeless Elegance: The unique crossed marble design of the Cilinder adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to any space.

Moody Color Palette: Available in White, Cream, Black, and Dark Green, the Cilinder complements a variety of interior styles.

Refined Craftsmanship: Each marble piece is meticulously fused together to create a seamless and visually captivating cross pattern.

Warm Ambiance: The natural veining of the marble exudes warmth and adds a cozy atmosphere to any room.

Elegant Design: The sleek cylindrical shape and intertwining cross pattern make the Cilinder a statement piece in any home.

Unique Decor Piece: The crossed marble design sets the Cilinder apart from traditional decor, making it a conversation starter in any setting.