Allen Double Light Sconce

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The Allen Double Light Sconce

The Allen Double Light Sconce is a luxurious and elite lighting fixture that adds elegance and warmth to any home. Circa's polished nickel double sconce is designed for those who appreciate beautiful and inspiring pieces in their home.

Features and Benefits

Height: 17"

The Allen Double Light Sconce stands at a height of 17 inches, providing a striking presence in any room.

Width: 4.5"

With a width of 4.5 inches, this double light sconce offers a tailored and elegant design that complements various decor styles.

Extension: 5"

The Allen Double Light Sconce extends 5 inches from the wall, creating a warm and engaging ambiance in any space.

Backplate: 4.5" Round

The round backplate of the Allen Double Light Sconce adds a touch of moody sophistication to the overall design.

Socket: 2 - E26 Keyless

The E26 keyless socket design allows for easy installation and maintenance of the Allen Double Light Sconce.

Wattage: 2 - 40 T10

With a wattage of 2 - 40 T10, this double light sconce provides tailored illumination for a refined and elegant atmosphere.