Cire Trudon Candle in Fir

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Hints of myrrh and incense absolute bring depth to the perfume’s head notes - Siberian pine and fir tree. The Fir scented candle welcomes the olfactory strength and very essence of the Christmas tree.

  • Dimensions: Classic 4" x 3.5", Great 8" x 7"
  • Weight: Classic 270g / 9.5oz, Great 105oz
  • Burning Time: Classic 55-60 Hours, Great 300+
  • Head Notes: Leather, Siberian pine, Fir tree
  • Heart Notes: Gaiac wood , Chinese cedar, Myrrh
  • Base Notes: Spanish Cistus, Absolute Incense, Patchouli

Features and Benefits

The Cire Trudon Candle in Fir brings the essence of the Christmas tree into your home, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

This candle is crafted with high-quality ingredients, including myrrh and incense absolute, to ensure a rich and long-lasting scent experience.

The notes of leather, fir tree, and Siberian pine blend harmoniously to provide a moody and refined fragrance that lingers in the air.

With base notes of Spanish Cistus, Absolute Incense, and Patchouli, this candle adds depth and complexity to any room it's placed in.

The heart notes of Gaiac wood, Chinese cedar, and Myrrh create a luxurious and warm ambiance, perfect for cozy evenings or festive gatherings.

Circa brings you the Cire Trudon Candle in Fir, a timeless and elegant addition to your home decor.

Experience the luxury and sophistication of Cire Trudon candles with the enchanting scent of fir trees and myrrh.