Damasco Rustica Napkin

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<li>Available in emerald, lavender, and pink, the Damasco Rustica Napkin adds a touch of

elegance and warmth to any dining setting.</li>

<li><span data-mce-fragment="1">Crafted from premium linen, these napkins offer a timeless and refined look, perfect for

both everyday use and special occasions.</span>


<li>Featuring a hemstitch design, the Damasco Rustica Napkin showcases exquisite

craftsmanship and attention to detail.</li>

<li>Set of 6, each napkin measures 20" x 20", providing ample coverage and

versatility for various table settings.</li>


<p>Circa brings you the Damasco Rustica Napkin, a stunning piece designed to elevate your dining experience.

With its timeless appeal and refined craftsmanship, this napkin set is the perfect addition to any table.</p>