Evocative Interiors Coffee Table Book

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Evocative Interiors By Ray Booth
Ray Booth’s debut monograph presents curated home interiors by this master of modern elegance. Trained as an architect, designer Ray Booth’s distinctively elegant, strikingly evocative spaces exude modernism while reflecting a sense of place and history. Booth’s creativity is palpable in spectacular homes demonstrating his ability to harmonize open-plan interiors with the surrounding landscape. Presented here are Booth’s most celebrated Nashville residences and never-before-seen projects in Palm Beach, Louisiana, New York, Texas, and the Hamptons. Each illustrates his innovative use of furniture as architecture to define rooms, draperies in place of walls, captivating displays of art and mirrors, and an eclectic mix of antiques and contemporary pieces. Among the house profiles is Booth’s Nashville home, which shows the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School, and reveals his appreciation for traditional materials, particularly large expanses of glass, masonry, and wood. Within a new home or one with a history, Booth applies a fresh vision for today’s living, including fabrics and furnishings accentuating his modern style. Evocative Interiors brings to the fore the work of this leading designer.

Features and Benefits

  • Curated home interiors by renowned designer Ray Booth
  • Distinctively elegant and strikingly evocative spaces
  • Innovative use of furniture as architecture to define rooms
  • Eclectic mix of antiques and contemporary pieces
  • Harmonizing open-plan interiors with surrounding landscape