Froi Bowl

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<li>Brick red</li>

<li>8" W x 7" H</li>



<p>Circa brings you the Froi Bowl, a stunning piece designed to elevate your home decor. With its timeless appeal and refined craftsmanship, this bowl is the perfect addition to any space.</p>

<p><strong>Features and Benefits&nbsp;</strong></p>


<li>Available in a rich brick red color, the Froi Bowl adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any home.</li>

<li>With dimensions of 8" W x 7" H, this bowl is perfectly sized to provide both functionality and style.</li>

<li>Crafted from high-quality clay, the Froi Bowl is a beautiful combination of natural materials and expert craftsmanship.</li>


<p>Circa is a high-end home store and premium design studio with a curated selection of pieces. Circa is for people who appreciate beautiful, unique, and inspiring pieces in their home. The Froi Bowl embodies these values with its timeless, moody, and refined design.</p>