Poldina Pro Floor Lamp

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  • Induction charging base included
  • About 9 hours of illumination per charge
  • Touch-dimming
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Charging time is about 9 hours
  • Adjustable Height: 20.4”, 34.2", or 48”
  • Top: 6.5” diameter
  • Bottom: 6.6” square
  • 4.5W LED, 370-400lm

Poldina Pro Floor Lamp Overview

Poldina Pro Floor Lamp is a premium lighting solution by Circa, designed for those who appreciate elegant and unique pieces that add warmth and luxury to their space. This lamp offers versatile indoor or outdoor lighting with adjustable height options.

Poldina Pro Floor Lamp Features and Benefits

Induction Charging Base

The inclusion of an induction charging base ensures convenient and wireless charging for the Poldina Pro Floor Lamp, making it hassle-free to keep your space illuminated.

Long-lasting Illumination

With approximately 9 hours of illumination per charge, the Poldina Pro Floor Lamp provides extended lighting time, perfect for evening gatherings or ambient lighting.


The touch-dimming feature allows for easy control of light intensity, enabling you to create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion with a simple touch.

Adjustable Height

The Poldina Pro Floor Lamp offers adjustable height options of 20.4”, 34.2", or 48”, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your space and needs.

Product Specifications


Top: 6.5” diameter

Bottom: 6.6” square


4.5W LED, 370-400lm