Tunisian Dinner Plate in Matte White

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<li>Unique natural temperature maintaining properties</li>

<li>11.2" W</li>

<li>Set of 4</li>




<p>Circa brings you the Tunisian Dinner Plate in Matte White, a stunning piece designed to elevate your dining experience. With its timeless appeal and refined craftsmanship, this plate is the perfect addition to any table setting.</p>

<p><strong>Features and Benefits&nbsp;</strong></p>


<li>Available in a set of 4, these Tunisian plates are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.</li>

<li>The unique natural temperature maintaining properties of the stone material keep your food at the ideal temperature for longer.</li>

<li>Handmade with care, each plate is a unique piece of art, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your dining experience.</li>

<li>The 11.2" width provides ample space for your culinary creations, making every meal a visual delight.</li>

<li>The matte white finish offers a refined and timeless look that complements any table decor.</li>


<p>Circa is a high-end home store and premium design studio with a curated selection of pieces. Our Tunisian Dinner Plate in Matte White is for those who appreciate beautiful, unique, and inspiring pieces in their home. Elevate your dining experience with these elegant and engaging plates.</p>