Cona Desk Lamp

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  • Antiqued brass
  • 9w LED with touch dimmer on base
  • 18-33"H x 8"W
  • 8" round base
  • Metal

Introducing the Cona Desk Lamp

Experience the perfect blend of timeless design and modern functionality with the Cona Desk Lamp from Circa. This elegant lamp features an antiqued brass finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Enhance Your Lighting

The Cona Desk Lamp is equipped with a 9w LED bulb and a touch dimmer on the base, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness to create the perfect ambiance. Whether you need bright task lighting or a soft, warm glow, this lamp has you covered.

Perfectly Sized

Measuring 18-33" in height and 8" in width, the Cona Desk Lamp is the ideal size for your desk or bedside table. Its compact 8" round base ensures stability, while the adjustable height allows you to customize the lighting to suit your needs.

Premium Quality

Made from high-quality metal, the Cona Desk Lamp is built to last. Its durable construction ensures long-term performance and adds a refined touch to any room.

Illuminate your space with the Cona Desk Lamp and experience the luxurious ambiance that Circa is known for. Upgrade your lighting solution with this tailored, elegant piece from Circa.